Hammer Points

Collect Hammer Points to unlock reduced selling fees

Our Seller's loyalty programme is structured so that regular Seller's can achieve credits towards lower fees on future auctions. You can track your Hammer Points by clicking My Whisky Hammer.

The programme works as follows:

Collecting Hammer Points

  • You will collect 1 Hammer Stamp for every Lot that you have sold with a hammer price of at least £10.
  • The Hammer Stamp is allocated a value, calculated as 1 point for £10 of hammer price, rounded to the nearest £5.
    • For example, if you sell a Lot for £80, you will be awarded a Hammer Stamp valued at 8 Hammer Points, if you sell a Lot for £184, you will be awarded a Hammer Stamp valued at 18.5 Hammer Points.

Conversion of Hammer Points to Credits

After you have saved at least 10 stamps, you have two options;

  1. Convert the value of your stamps to credits, OR
  2. Continue to increase the value of your stamps by saving more...

Credits will automatically be added to your account after you have chosen to convert from Hammer Points.  The credits will then be automatically used to reduce any future Seller's lot registration or reserve fees arising on your account.


Expiry of Credits

Please note that credits do have an expiry date. The expiry date of credits will differ at each activation tranche as follows;

  • Convert at 10 stamps - credits expire after 3 subsequent auctions
  • Convert at 20 stamps - credits expire after 4 subsequent auctions
  • Convert at 30 stamps - credits expire after 5 subsequent auctions
  • Convert at 40 stamps - credits expire after 6 subsequent auctions
  • Convert at 50 stamps - credits expire after 7 subsequent auctions